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Trying vs Doing

One of the more difficult lessons I have learned (and still struggle with) is that trying is not the same as doing.  Too often we use the excuse, "I'm trying..." to cover the fact that we are not doing.  Often in witnessing or counseling, I get this response from the one with whom I'm conversing, "I'm trying to live a good life" or "I'm trying to solve the problem."  In every instance that is a cover for the FACT...they are not "doing".  We need to learn from Thomas Edison that this important thing is the doing.  He failed 10,000 times before succeeding in inventing the incandescent light bulb.  Rather than whining, "I'm trying" he just kept doing.
This is not to discount the validity of effort.  One only has to observe the butterfly struggling to be free from the cocoon to recognize the benefit of effort.  Without the struggle, the butterfly would never be able to take wing and fly.  However, we (mankind) have becom…