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What I'm Looking for in a President

I don't generally comment on political issues, however, with the plethora of potential candidates this year I want to share what i'm looking for in a president. First I want a person of character. By that I mean someone who has some guiding principles by which they live and do not waver with every wind that blows. I also want a person who is at least a little Biblically literate. This is someone who regularly reads and has a grasp on the message of scripture. I want a person who has a relationship with God through Jesus. Such a person has the benefit of the Holy Spirit's guidance and power. I want a person who honors the biblical teaching regarding marriage. I want a person who knows that life begins at conception and abhors killing babies in the womb. I want a person who knows and adheres to the constitution. I want a person who recognizes the balance of power that originally led us to become a great nation and doesn't the presidency to be a license to do as they p…

The Heaven Promise; A review

The Heaven Promise by Scott McKnight; A Review Scott
McKnight has done Christians a great service in writing this book.  Although he acknowledges some of the many
“old wives tales” and traditions about heaven, he has always brings the
discussion back to “what does the Bible say?”

Organized into four parts, the 25 chapters follow a logical dealing with the
mystery of heaven. Some of the chapters are dealing with specific questions
people have raised through the years about heaven; questions like “What about
near death experiences?” “What about rewards in heaven?” “What about
cremation?” and “Will there be any pets in heaven?” Of special interest to me
was “God’s Six Promises about Heaven”.

I think that every pastor will benefit from reading this book and keeping it
close at hand as a reference because of the extensive research McKnight has
done.  The bottom line for the author is
found on the back of the dust cover; “My hope,” McKnight shares, “is that
people will be hopeful about heav…

The Government Will Be Upon HIS Shoulders

This year on Christmas Eve my youngest grandson (10 years old) put together a Christmas Eve service for our family. I barely got out of the hospital with pneumonia in time to join the family in Orlando.  My situation dictated that we could not go out in crowds, so we opted for our own service in a condo unit. Nathan had an order of service that included songs, Bible readings and prayer.  One of the Bible readings came from the Isaiah 9 prophesy of the coming Messiah.  Verse 6 reads "For a child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government will be on His shoulders.  He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace."  After we had sung "Silent Night" and closed with prayer, my next youngest grandson, 11 year old Joshua pronounced, "The Bible said that 'the government will be on His shoulders', so it makes no difference if Trump is elected as president."  With that he waved his hand and left the …