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The 1st Century Church vs the Contemporary Church

I think that first I must identify myself.  I'm a pastor who has 2 church music degrees and spent the better part of 20 years as a Minister of Music and Youth.  As pastor of a fairly "traditional" church (we have a choir and sing hymns from hymnals) I often get "suggestions" from people that they would like to see more "praise and worship" (meaning choruses or JOY-FM music)  Let me hasten to say that I like it all from classical to contemporary (which varies depending on where you live) to hip-hop to rap.  I decided to look in the Bible to find what I could about worship.
Interestingly enough, I found very little about music, except in the Psalms and in Revelation.  The defining words about the "new" church in Acts 2 are fellowship, praising God (which incorporates more than music) and meeting needs.
To steal a phrase from Rick Warren, "It's not about you!"  We are to worship God...not a genre of music or a style of preaching.  …