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Reliable Truth; a Review

I was sent this book for review by The B & B Media Group.
The question on the back jacket of the book sets the stage for the book.  "Do you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God?"
Richard E. Simmons III is not a theologian, but rather is the founder of the Center for Executive Leadership, a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry.  He excels at encouraging and advising businessmen and professionals. However, he does a masterfil job building a case for the veracity of the Bible.  The book reads almost like a novel with story after story and many quotes from theologians, scientists, philosophers, historians and skeptics. It will remain within easy reach for me as I study and prepare sermons.  It would also make a wonderful gift to be given to anyone who is struggling with accepting the Bible as the inspired Word of God.  In language that communicates easily to both the scholar and the common man, Simmons provides fodder that will challenge the skeptic and encourage t…

Ending Well

Over the past two weeks I've had the privilege of observing people who were approaching, or reaching the end of their earthly lives and who were doing it in beautiful, yet different ways.  I remember hearing the story of a young man on his death bed talking with his father and saying, "Dad, you taught me how to live, but you didn't teach me how to die."  I think that we all must learn how to "end well".  Let me tell you the stories of three who understood that.
The last time I visited Dave in the hospital, he was making plans for what he was going to do when he got home.  He volunteered for an organization that helped the blind.  They had just shipped him some new hardware, and he could hardly wait to start putting it to use.  He never got the opportunity.  Within a couple of days of getting home from the hospital, he was tranferred to hospice, and then to heaven.  Dave kind of remiinds me of Moses.  It seemed that Moses was busy right up to the end.  So was…