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Unlimited: A Novel: Davis Bunn: 9781433679407: Books

Unlimited: A Novel: Davis Bunn: 9781433679407: Books:

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I was sent a copy of this book  by TBBMedia in return for my review.  I found this to be a captivating novel.  Bunn grabs your attention in the prologue and doesn't let go until the last page of chapter 41.  Simon Orwell, the protagonist, comes off sometimes as a cad and sometimes as a hero as he travels to Mexico for what he thinks is a "ho-hum" presentation to the Ojinaga city council.  What follows is a fast paced adventure with a touch of science fiction and murder mystery mixed in.  Oh, yes.  There is a developing love story as well.  You just know as you read that this will one day appear on the big screen...and so it will.
Along the way you will meet larger than life characters like Harold Finch, the former NASA employee and consultant for Fortune 500 companies to work with orphans in Mexico.  Together with Simon, they unravel the mystery of the death of Simon's mentor an…

Unlimited; A Review

In Golden Splendor; A Review

Recently I was sent a copy of Michael K. Reynolds' book, "In Golden Splendor" to review on my blog.  Here is my review:
Is it a love story, an adventure story, a mystery, a western novel, or an inspirational story?  Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!  This delightful book is all of the above.  Following the life and times of Seamus Hanley takes the reader from the mean streets of Manhatten in the 1800's to the gold fields of California. There is adventure on the high seas, drama in the desert, and the thread that runs through the book of a picture of a mysterious young woman that keeps Seamus going in the midst of all sorts of danger.
Just about the time you think that you've figured out what will happen next, Reynolds throws in another "kink" that sends you reeling back to square one.  There is something in this book for every reader.  The connecting link is faith.  For a while it is blind faith, but eventually you begin to see a direction toward a hoped for e…

Aloha, Mahalo

I'm still somewhat jet-lagged from my first trip to Hawaii.  Only took me 74+ years to get there. The flight was not quite that long, but it seemed like it.  In addition to jet-lag, I've had to deal with swollen ankles and feet from the long flights.  I don't remember that happening when I was younger.  Must be one of the add-ons that comes with age. (Ugh!)
Our trip was a gift from our daughter and son-in-law for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary and birthday. (not sure about Christmas yet)  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.  The marvelous views that we devoured with our eyes each day, the gracious people we met, the experience of golfing amid gorgeous scenery, the visit to the Polynesian Culture Center, the Luau, and most vivid in my memory, the trip to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial all made for an unforgetable page in my memory bank.
We heard "Aloha" many times during our 9 day stay.  I understand that it is a universal greet…