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Is it Time to Take a Stand?

'Are You a Christian?' My Thoughts on the Umpqua Community College Shooting (Exclusive)


In America we are on the cusp of religious persecution...especially aimed at those who admit to being Christians.  The time has come for those who claim to be Christ-followers to settle once for all the question of their commitment.  In recent years it has been difficult if not almost impossible to get "church people" to verbalize their "story" or "testimony" even in the warm confines of the local church.  Given opportunities and even being urged by pastors or Sunday School or Small Group leaders to share their "story" many people suddenly get lock-jaw.  Often there is an embarrassing silence that descends upon the gathering until the leader fills the emptiness by telling their story or moving on to another topic.
Many Christians have watched in horror the videos of believers in foreign lands being beheaded because of their faith.  Increasingly th…