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What The Church is All About

The church is like a home. Portal Porch Path Purpose The PORTAL of a church is the entry point.  The portal must be visible, accessible and inviting in order for people to become interested in entering.  For the church the portal is not only the door, but the "First Impressions" people; the ushers and welcome-center personnel.  The PORTAL is also our website, Facebook Page and Twitter account. The PORCH must be a place of comfort, informality and welcome.  This should be a place where those coming through the portal find a welcome and feel "at home".  For most churches this would be the Worship Center.  It should be a combination of beauty, style and comfort.  The layout should foster interaction rather than isolation.  It is on the porch that immediate relationships are formed with special emphasis placed on the pre-service and post-service behavior of members.  The PORCH is our lobby & Welcome Center.  There should be happy, smiling Welcomers on the PORCH. The PATH …

Random Thoughts

It is Monday morning.  My brain doesn't always work best on Monday mornings, however here are some things that are running around in it today.
I drove through Dunkin Donuts and clearly ordered a medium hot coffee with 2 creams and 1 mocha swirl.  When I got to the window they handed me a LARGE but at least they got the rest of the order right.  And yes, I did pay for a large.  Made me think that in order to deserve $15 an hour minimum wage your should be able to get a simple order correct and also be able to make change without a computer telling you how much to give back.  To expand on that idea, in order to deserve $15 and hour you must be worth $20 an hour to your employer.
Enough of that.  I'm fascinated and excited about the news of revival breaking out in W. Virginia.  It seems that God shows up in the most remote places. I have been praying for weeks for revival to break out in Highlands County, FL.  Although that is where my church is, I don't care where it starts, …