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Don't Give Up

Recently I've been reminded that answers to prayer are worth the wait.  For almost 6 years we have been praying at Faith Baptist Church for God to send us some young families.  In the past two weeks He has sent us two such families.  We have also had a relative of mine by marriage on the "spiritual needs" prayer list.  On Easter Sunday he professed his faith in Christ.  Too often we tend to want to see answers yesterday to prayers we prayed today.  I'm reminded that God's timing is perfect, but mine isn't.
This has given me encouragement in prayer.  When I pray for those people or things that God brings to my attention, I can be assured of an His time.  My BIG prayer now is for Spiritual Awakening in America.  I don't care where it starts or whom God uses to bring it to pass...I just want to see it happen.  The first two "Great Awakenings" in America were each born through prayer.  I believe this next one will also come through praye…

Start a New Morning Routine

A lot is being written by productivity experts about developing morning routines to help you optimize your time.  I'd like to "piggy-back" on that idea with a suggestion for a morning routine that will revolutionize your life.  Even if you are not a "morning person" you can do this.  We usually plan for the important events & appointments in our lives.  Here is a plan to begin a routine Time Alone with God every morning.

Start the night before.  Place your Bible, notebook, devotional guide and a pen near the chair where you will meet with God.  (If you use your phone or tablet, make sure that it is charged up and ready)Go to bed at an hour that will allow you to get the optimum number of sleep hours.If you are not one who spontaneously wakes up, set your clock or phone to awaken you at the desired time.  (Don't hit "snooze")When you wake up, get up.  Tend to the necessary things (bathroom, brush teeth, start the coffee, etc.)Go directly to your…

Things Are Not Always What they Seem

Many times we interpret our circumstances through the lens of our past experience or our expectations.  I was reminded today that my interpretations are not fool-proof.  A couple of weeks ago I had a little A-Fib episode which entailed a trip to the ER, several tests and an overnight stay at the hospital.  With the exception of a few minutes that prompted the visit to the ER, I felt fine.  A day after getting out of the hospital I was back in the office; played golf on Saturday and preached twice on Sunday.  Today I went for a scheduled stress test that I was told would take about 4 hours.  Most of the other people in the waiting area went through the first segment of their test and were told to go eat something, drink some caffeine and return for the balance of the test.  When I finished my first segment, they told me that I was done for the day.  The only discomfort I felt was being mildly out of breath for a few moments.  I left thinking, "Boy, I aced this test."  About a…

Learn to Pray "Chain Prayers"

Recently, as I was thanking God for my bowl of cereal, I was reminded to thank Him for the farmer who prepared the land, planted the seed and tended the grain and then harvested the crop.  Then I was prompted to pray for the people who prepared the grain into cereal and the those who packaged it, those who transported it to market, those who stocked the shelves so that I could purchase the cereal.  That led to me giving thanks for the finances that enabled me to buy the food I need.  Before long, my "blessing" on my breakfast turned into an intercessory prayer session.  I didn't have to use a prayer list or a notebook.  I just allowed Holy Spirit to guide as one prayer led to another.
That experience has helped me understand Paul's admonition to "pray without ceasing".  It has also made my prayer time more exciting because I know I'm praying for those people and those things that Holy Spirit brings to mind.
Some time ago I told one of my granddaughters …