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Having the Right Connections

This has been a frustrating morning.  For some reason I could not access the internet via our wireless router at the office.  I'm not at our condo, and was able to get on line here.  I spent part of the morning on the phone with a tech, and part of it fuming as I tried different things with my computer, the modem, and the router.  All of this has made me very aware of, and uncomfortable about, the reliance I have on "being connected".  I have a smart phone, a desk-top and lap-top computer, and a tablet.  I'm constantly looking for the latest and greatest devices.  I have wireless internet capability at both my home in Sebring and my condo in Lake Placid.  I spend an inordinate amount of timeon line either surfing, reading or studying for sermons or Bible Studies, playing games, or involved with social media.  Currently our home group is dependent upon my internet connection for video-driven studies.  Yet, when I look at the productivity of my ministry with all these …

Catching up?'

I've let myself get behind in updating my blog.  As a matter of fact, I have so many things I want to write about, it is hard to determine which to choose.  I've decided to start with fulfilling an obligation I have.
I recently received the new Bibles from Zonderkidz entitled "NIV faithGirlz Bible" and NIV Boys Bible".  The idea is that I am to review them on my blog.  So here goes.  Having both grandsons and grand-daughters who fall into the age range being targeted by these Bibles, I'm especially interested in the distinctives that set these Bibles apart.
First: NIV faithGirlz Bible:  I love the pink; I love the "Dream Girl" inserts that draw young ladies into the story.  Also, the "Bring it on" segments create an interactive opportunity where girls can actually take a quiz based on the scripture  passage.  Other distinctives in this Bible are the "Oh, i get it!" (explanation of some hard to grasp issues) "Treasure this!&qu…