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Here It Comes, Ready or Not (Death)

OK, I know this sounds a bit morbid, but stick with me for a few moments.  The bottom line is that unless Jesus comes again soon we are all going to die.  Regardless of what our "pre-planned" package with the mortician is, this body will no longer be the residence of our soul.  Given enough time, there will be little or nothing left.  However, if we make some good choices this side of the grave, we have a lot to look forward to.  I was just reading Psalm 49 in preparation for our Wednesday evening Bible Study and noted that the Psalmist affirmed that noone can ever be rich enough to cheat death.  The only One with power over death is the One who defeated death on its own turf...Jesus (He Arose!)  So it behooves me, and everyone else on this earth, to give some attention to the fact that we have been invited to join Jesus in His victory.  We will still die physically (Heb. 9:27) but there is the possibility that our souls will live on eternally in the presence of Jesus.  That…

What Are We Becoming?

Just heard on the news that there was a shooting today in a movie theater in the Tampa, FL area over someone texting during the previews.  In the old days, the worst that would happen would be a fist fight.  Then people began carrying knives and now guns.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not disputing the right to bear arms.  I'm aghast that people have so devalued life that a simple dispute would result in death.  The only way that could happen is that people do not know the God who created life and therefore do not have any respect for life.
Another sad part of this is that the event has affected not only the victim, but their family and friends as well as the shooter himself and their family and friends.  Don't people think past the end of their own noses any more?
 It is time for people of faith to pray earnestly and to take every opportunity to share the gospel with people around them while it is still legal to do so in our country.  It is no longer a matter of it not bei…

Who's Excited About the Jesus Bowl?

I'm writing this on the day of the 2014 BCS Championship game.  My team, the Auburn Tigers, will be playing the Florida State Seminoles.  Ordinarily I'm also a Seminole fan, however, having been a student at AU at the beginning of my college career, the Tigers trump the Seminoles.
That being said, the real reason for this post is to look at the fanaticism that is not only accepted, but praised on the part of the football fan as compared to the criticism that is leveled at a Christ follower who shows any semblence of fanaticism for Jesus.
Some comparisons are helpful;

The football fan is thought loyal when they sport the colors and logo of their team while the Christian who wears tee shirts or jewelry with Christian themes is often criticized.The football fan who braves the elements to support their team is praised for their commitment while many Christians will miss the "assembling of yourselves together" (Heb. 10:25) if there is a little rain.The football fan who will …