What Are We Becoming?

Just heard on the news that there was a shooting today in a movie theater in the Tampa, FL area over someone texting during the previews.  In the old days, the worst that would happen would be a fist fight.  Then people began carrying knives and now guns.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not disputing the right to bear arms.  I'm aghast that people have so devalued life that a simple dispute would result in death.  The only way that could happen is that people do not know the God who created life and therefore do not have any respect for life.
Another sad part of this is that the event has affected not only the victim, but their family and friends as well as the shooter himself and their family and friends.  Don't people think past the end of their own noses any more?
 It is time for people of faith to pray earnestly and to take every opportunity to share the gospel with people around them while it is still legal to do so in our country.  It is no longer a matter of it not being our business if someone does not know and have a relationship with the Prince of Peace.  It could have been you or me sitting in that theater texting a friend, or, as in this case, a family member.  We can no longer sit idly by and let the lunatic fringe dominate our lives and society. Wake up Believers!  This is more than an unfortunate event.  This is a call to revival in our land.


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