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Church as the "Go-to" Place

I'm one of those who has emphasized many times that most of the programs in most churches are designed as "come" structures.  Come to our service, come to our program, come to our concert, or revival or whatever.  Cast against the backdrop of the Great Commission which emphasizes "go", it makes it seem as if we are choosing the exact opposite of what Jesus meant.  Today as I was praying and thinking about an identity for our church, I began to think of "go" in a bit of a different light.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the people of our town began to think of Faith Baptist Church as the "go-to" place for all sorts of needs?  

Lonely?  Go to Faith Baptist.Depressed?  Go to Faith Baptist.Hungry?  Go to Faith Baptist.Homeless?  Go to Faith Baptist.Jobless?  Go to Faith Baptist.Not that we are currently equipped to meet all those needs, but we can become equipped.  When we have a member who is passionate about a particular ministry, we can help …

National Signing Day for Believers?

Wouldn't it be great if churches went after non-believers with the same intensity that colleges pursue football recruits?  Here's how I see it happening;

A church identifies and locates the non-believers in their area.Each non-believer is assigned a Believing church member to connect with them, woo them and seek to get them to commit to Jesus.The entire coaching staff (church leaders) make connecting with the non-believer their priority.  They make phone calls, write letters, make home visits, tweet, write on FaceBook pages, etc.The "fans" (church members) are encouraged to focus their prayers on the non-believers on the list.When the non-believer visits the church campus, they are assigned a church member to show them around, introduce them to other members and make them feel a part of the "family"I believe that if we took reaching the unreached half as seriously as college football programs take reaching a prospective player for their team, we would see ma…