National Signing Day for Believers?

Wouldn't it be great if churches went after non-believers with the same intensity that colleges pursue football recruits?  Here's how I see it happening;

  • A church identifies and locates the non-believers in their area.
  • Each non-believer is assigned a Believing church member to connect with them, woo them and seek to get them to commit to Jesus.
  • The entire coaching staff (church leaders) make connecting with the non-believer their priority.  They make phone calls, write letters, make home visits, tweet, write on FaceBook pages, etc.
  • The "fans" (church members) are encouraged to focus their prayers on the non-believers on the list.
  • When the non-believer visits the church campus, they are assigned a church member to show them around, introduce them to other members and make them feel a part of the "family"
I believe that if we took reaching the unreached half as seriously as college football programs take reaching a prospective player for their team, we would see many more non-believers becoming part of "Team Jesus".  What do you think? 


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