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Flip the Switch

I read a blog post today that asked the question "Is America Headed for Another Civil War?"  This was in response to the rancorous rants against our President and anyone in his cabinet.  We have reached a point where almost everyone has an opinion that they consider to be right and there is hatred toward anyone who doesn't agree with them.  When we hear or read of such rhetoric in other countries we anticipate that a coup is in the making.  There is a darkness that is spreading over America today.  The state of California is in the process of enacting a law that would forbid certain parts of the Bible to be read.  In our own Highlands County the commissioners are considering a tax upon houses of worship that is 4 times what other entities would be assessed in order to pay for 14 firefighters in the county.  Any church that fails to pay is threatened with a tax lien.  The darkness is growing!
It is in times like these that the church of Jesus Christ must be what Jesus sai…

Use it or Lose it

I had minor surgery about a month ago to remove the roots of a squamous cell from my leg.  The surgery was performed with local anesthesia and only lasted about 10-15 minutes. I was told to limit my activity and keep my leg elevated for about two weeks until the sutures had dissolved and the wound had begun to heal.  However, at the end of two weeks the wound was still oozing and there was a good bit of swelling.  Long story short, I limited my activity for almost a month as the wound gradually healed.
Today I went for a walk for the first time in a month.  My walk only consisted of about 1750 steps.  I noticed a tightening of the muscles in my lower back and fatigue beginning to set in. That short time of relative inactivity resulted in a weakening of my muscles and a depletion of my energy beyond anything I could imagine.  It occurs to me that many people have let their "prayer muscles" atrophy through the lack of use.  Some only pray when there is a dire situation or emer…