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God is In Control

I have several friends who are extremely upset over the situation in our country. While I understand and appreciate their concern, I refuse to let it dominate my life. Daily I remind myself of the truth of Proverbs 21:1 "A kings heart is a water channel in the Lord's hand; He directs it wherever He chooses." Before you think that this is a cop-out on my part, stop and realize that the ultimate fate of this nation is not in the hands of the politicians, but rather in the hands of Almighty God. Even before I've done my part in voting and have spoken my mind through communication with elected officials, the most important thing I can do is pray for our nation. I've made a covenant with God that whenever I wake up during the night that is my call to prayer for our nation. Primarily I pray for repentance beginning in the halls of government and moving throughout the nation. I'm using Ninevah as my example. I'm asking God to send a prophet or prophets t…

Pharisees Alive and Well

The recent furor kicked off by Brit Hume's statements on a Fox News panel just highlights the point that Pharisees are still among us. Even those who claim a personal relationship with Christ have gone out of their way to lambaste Hume for daring to suggest that Christianity is superior to other religions of the world. Here are my questions to these folks.
In what other religion is there a Savior who bled and died for the sins of mankind?What other religion has a leader who rose from the dead and lives today "ever making intercession for the saints"?What other religion offers forgiveness to those who confess and repent of their sinsMy take on the reason so many have tee'd off on Hume is that either they are under conviction because they recognize the truth of what he said, or (if they are believers) they are convicted because they don't have the guts to publicly acknowledge their faith. I'm reminded that Jesus warned that those who denied Him before man, He…

2010: So What?

Here I was feeling like a slacker because I had not updated my blog in several weeks. Then I checked on some blogs that I follow and found that I had a lot of company. It seems that in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, going all the way back to Thanksgiving, many people got caught up in the day to day "stuff" and blogging took a back seat. I feel better.
That being said, I want to address a few random thoughts that are buzzing around in my head, in no particular order.
Football coaches are far too serious for their own good. If they approached life like Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, they would live longer and enjoy life more.The Purpose for Christmas is lost in the frenzy of gift-buying-giving-receiving.The best ideas for New Year's resolutions are found in Philippians 2:1-11.If I'm still alive then there is more for me to do be and become.To paraphrase the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:13 "But learning from what lies behind..."Prov. 21:1 "The k…