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Am I Spoiled or What?

This past Saturday, while we were out at the mall, a thunder storm rolled through our area. When we returned home, one of our satellite boxes would not work (of course it was the HD one) Then we discovered that the base unit on our cordless phones was out, so none of the three hand-held units would work. However, our corded phone did work, even though it was plugged in to the same jack as the satellite box. Later we discovered that the desk-top computer would not connect to the internet, although the wire-less router was working and we can connect via the laptop. We also found out that our neighbor lost a TV in the storm, so we assume that our problem was also associated to lightening.
These things, in and off themselves, although aggravating are not the crux of my concern. The thing that bugs me is the frustration level and down-right anger as I began the process of calling the telephone service, Direct TV people to get repair work started. I should be above all that. I just p…

I'm Baaaaacck

It has been awhile since I last posted on my blog. Two reasons for that; 1. I didn't have anything worthwhile to say, and 2. doing more reading than I've done in many years. The primary reason for the latter is the Kindle I got for Christmas from my wife and kids. I've always loved books, and have read a lot in my various fields (ministry, church, religion.) With the Kindle I've re-discovered the joy of reading fiction. I've found many very affordable books since getting my Kindle, some in the free up to $.99 range. Also, the free Bibles available on Kindle have made it easy for me to study & prepare for messages and Bible studies almost anywhere. Recently I down loaded Notepad from Seven Dragons which gives me the ability to make notes on the run so I can refer to them later as I have time. I really wish Evernote was available for Kindle, although I do have that on my BlackBerry Bold 9700.
All of that to say that, at age 72, I'm still discovering ne…