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Hide and Seek: A Novel: Jeff Struecker,Alton Gansky: 9781433671425: Books

Hide and Seek: A Novel: Jeff Struecker,Alton Gansky: 9781433671425: Books:

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This fast paced military thriller will grab your attention and imagination and keep you turning pages.  Knowing that it is written by a decorated Army Ranger gives additional credence to the story line.  I especially enjoyed reading such a novel without having to wade through pages of profanity laced dialogue.  Both Major Jeff Struecker and co-author Alton Gansky have communication skills that draw readers into the story.
Major Struecker's experiences in Mogadishu, Somalia were documented in the NYT best seller "Black Hawk Down" which was made into a major motion picture.  Fans of Tom Clancy will enjoy this pulse pounding story.

Our Personal Passover

OK, our family is not Jewish, we are "grafted in" as Christ-followers.  However, we celebrated at 3 day "passover" in that we had a "time of remembrance" of all that God has done in our lives.  The Youth Group that we had in the '80's had a reunion this past weekend in Pompano Beach, FL.  We were inundated with memories as we visited, remanised and celebrated friendship and the many blessings of God.  Thanks so much to those who planned and pulled off this event.  Thanks also to those who traved many miles to join us.  Kinda like going back to Jerusalem for the Passover.
Over the past 5-10 years it has been our joy to attend 4 reunions of past youth groups we have had the privilege of working with.  Each of them has brought back a flood of memories of all that God did over many decades in our lives and ministry.  I would encourage every former "youth group" in any church to plan such events while those who were the leaders are still aroun…

This Is My Story

I love the hymn "Blessed Assurance" especially the chorus, "This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long." I've just read of Paul telling his story in Acts 22.  I'll be preaching on this text next Sunday.  Even as I prepare to do so, I'm convicted that I don't tell my story more often to more people.
I remember a quote from the great British evangelist Leonard Ravenhill; "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument."  That is a great answer to those who say, "I don't know enough scripture to witness." or "I'm afraid I won't be able to answer Bible questions they may ask me."  The reality is that the best evangelism tool any of us has is our own story of how we encountered Jesus, received Him and how our life has been since.  That being said, here is MY story...
When my dad was in the army and there was just my mom and me, we went to a tent revival that my …

GlobeQuake: Living in the Unshakeable Kingdom While the World Falls Apart

I've just finished reading the book "GlobeQuake: Living in the Unshakeable Kingdom While the World Falls Apart" written by my friend Wallace Henley.  He is remarkably equipped to write such a book because of his storied background.  A pastor, journalist, author, former aide in the Nixon White House, and former chief of staff for a congressman, Henley has both the theological and political background for this task.
While many have attempted to cast our current world situation in the light of Armageddon, Henley goes beyond that to show why Christ followers can anticipate victory here and now as well as in the "sweet by and by".  He leaves us with a message of hope.
I recommend that every pastor, educator, parent and student read this book to get a balanced view of what God is up to in our day.