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Easter Musings

With the approach of Easter next Sunday, I’m thinking more and more about the significance of the empty tomb.  As Paul said in 1 Cor. 15, if Jesus was not raised from the dead then those of us who are Christ followers are to be pitied.  If someone were to suddenly find the remains of Jesus in a garden tomb in the area, all of our faith would be in vain.  The reality is though that even with many trying to explain away the resurrection, it still stands.  For 2000+ years no one has be able to discredit the report of 500+ eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after the resurrection. The big difference between Christians and others is that our faith is firmly placed in Jesus, the Bible and the evident works of God (creation, etc.)  Their faith is in science or some “prophet” who make claims that can’t be substantiated.  Even those who claim their faith is in science cannot prove, using scientific methods that their belief has legs to stand on.  Science says that for something to be true, it must be o…

Gossiping the Gospel
The link above is to remarks made by President Kelley at the opening chapel service at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary this term.  When he said something about "gospel conversations" it triggered a thought in me.
For as long as I can remember we Baptists have been badgered, harangued and guilt-ed to become "soul winners".  In order to do that you had to "witness" to as many people as possible.  Both, the term "soul winner" and "witness" seem to strike fear in the minds of many people.  Besides that, you had to "go" somewhere in order to do it.  Perhaps there is a better way of couching the terms so that people embrace them instead of avoiding the practice altogether.
I remember hearing that the literal translation of the first word of the "Great Commission" is "as you are going&q…