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God is Able

You either believe that God is sovereign and allows or causes all that happens, or you believe in a god of limited power.  You can't have it both ways.  The only limits on God are those He placed upon Himself.  For example, God chose to give man free will although He knew that freedom would be abused.  He even planned a way of redemption for mankind when they turned from their selfish pursuit of fulfillment without Him and cried out to Him.
Today in America the mindset seems to be that if we just put the right party in office all will be well.  It has been well documented that both major parties have contributed to the mess we are in today.  The problem in America is not political, it is spiritual.  Unless and until there is a spiritual awakening in America our situation will only worsen.
It saddens me to read and hear those who claim to be Christ-followers who side with genocide (abortion on demand) breaking ranks with Israel, the people of God, and copying the politics of primaril…