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Bigger, Better, Faster?

It seems that we Americans are enamored with bigger, better and faster regardless of what we're talking about.  The clerks at McDonalds want us to "super-size"; the auto dealers want us to get the newer, faster model of car; we are quick to jettison our perfectly serviceable cell phone for the "newer, better" model.
I just read an article the other day that seemed to prove that students who took notes the old fashioned way scored higher than those who tapped out their notes on a laptop or tablet.  The writer went on to show how, unless a student was in advanced science or math, they only needed the $10 variety of calculater, not the kind that had all sorts of multi-functions.
Where am I going with this line of thought?  I spent a half hour at Office Depot yesterday and almost convinced myself to buy a new combo laptop and tablet.  Now mind you, I have a functioning laptop, and I'm writing this blog on my 3 year old Acer Iconia 300A tablet with a bluetooth k…