Bigger, Better, Faster?

It seems that we Americans are enamored with bigger, better and faster regardless of what we're talking about.  The clerks at McDonalds want us to "super-size"; the auto dealers want us to get the newer, faster model of car; we are quick to jettison our perfectly serviceable cell phone for the "newer, better" model.
I just read an article the other day that seemed to prove that students who took notes the old fashioned way scored higher than those who tapped out their notes on a laptop or tablet.  The writer went on to show how, unless a student was in advanced science or math, they only needed the $10 variety of calculater, not the kind that had all sorts of multi-functions.
Where am I going with this line of thought?  I spent a half hour at Office Depot yesterday and almost convinced myself to buy a new combo laptop and tablet.  Now mind you, I have a functioning laptop, and I'm writing this blog on my 3 year old Acer Iconia 300A tablet with a bluetooth keyboard.  Settling for bringing home the little fact sheets about 3 different models of ultra-books,  all in the 7-800 dollar range, I some research (on my old tablet) and
I think I've about talked myself into staying with what I have.  But as I've gone through this process, it has occurred to me that we do the same with our spiritual lives.  We want bigger churches, quicker devotionals (perhap audio or video driven) so that we can multi-task while listening.  We want to do our praying while driving (not a completely bad idea) in order to "redeem the time".As a result we have lost the intimacy of quality time with God. We forfeit something in the process.  Maybe it is time that we slow down, go back to the basics and reclaim what we've lost in our rush to do more, faster andLose our souls in the process.


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