A Parable of Good News

Once there was a man who visited every bank, savings and loan, and business in the world and made arrangements to pay all the debts of all the people who owed anything.  This information was made public, and some people took advantage by ceasing to struggle to pay their debts and just acting as if they owed nothing.  Some of those who were thus relieved of debt told their friends and family members. Some even told strangers they met this good news.  However, others said nothing to anyone.  They knew they had neighbors and friends who were weighed down with debt, but they didn't think it was any of their business to interfere.  Eventually many people who had accepted this freedom from debt got together with others who also were now debt-free.  They met weekly to talk about their new freedom and celebrate it.  On very rare occasions debt-ridden people found their way into these meetings and discovered how to be debt-free.
A few of those who were freed from debt felt strongly that the news needed to be spread.  They gave their lives to spreading this good news, yet they were in a minority.  Year after year people plugged along trying to get out of debt, not knowing that their debts had been paid.  They looked with wonder upon those who were debt-free, not understanding how this could possibly be.  Others had no clue that there was even the possibility of being out of debt.  Some just didn't seem to care.  They continued to pile up debt on top of debt resulting in lives of stress and despair.
This parable could never be true right?  Or is it exactly what is going on in our world as those of us who have become privy to the Good News of Christ, paying all our sin-debt keep the story to ourselves while shaking our heads in wonder that others don't quite "get it"?
In the words of Steve Brown, "You think about this."


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