Scripture Impetus for Prayer and Worship

It seems that anything we do over a long period of time can become tedious and stale.  That is true even with personal devotions.  Anyone who denies ever going through a "dry" period in their devotional life, would probably lie about other things as well.  Recently I was reminded of the benefit of praying from scripture.  Prayer that springs FROM Scripture is a bit different from praying Scripture.  It means that the Scripture you read provokes prayer that may even take a different direction. The video specifically mentioned using the Psalms and  epistles as a springboard for praying.  As I thought about this, I realized that we can actually do that with every book of the Bible. Then I also realized that using the Scriptures is a great way to freshen my praise and worship (that phrase includes more than just music).
For example, take a look at Genesis 1:1  "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  That sentence alone could lead you to praise God for His creation, His creativity and to pray for rain for those who need it or the cessation of rain for those who have too much.  It can also lead you to thank Him for opportunities you have to enjoy His creation as you travel and experience sights that are new to you.  You might be reminded of experiences from your past where you have enjoyed God's creation and you can revisit that mentally as you thank and praise Him.
But what about Leviticus you might ask?  Again, let's look at the first verse.  "Then the Lord summoned Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting."  From that verse I would praise God that He speaks to men.  If I have experienced a time when I sensed Him speaking to me, I can thank Him for that.  Also, I can praise and thank Him that He often designates a place where He communes with man (the tent of meeting, a church, the beach, the forest, your back porch, etc.)  I can be reminded that God cares about me and wants to communicate with me.
Those are just two short examples of how we can worship and pray using almost any scripture in the Bible.  We have a vast reservoir of incentives for prayer and worship between the covers of our Bible.  Let's use them.


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