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How We Got to the Supreme Court Decision

Today many are sad about the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the Defence of Marriage Act.  The real thing we should be sad about is that so-called committed Christians have been "fiddling" just like Nero while the United States burned.  This is nothing less than confirmation, not that we lost, but that we didn't show up for the game.  Over the past 50+ years Christians have blithely gone about their sheltered lives while leaving government to those who don't have anything better to do.  We have become self-absorbed to the point that we have lost our flavor (like Jesus spoke of in Matthew 5)  His warning is that when the salt has lost it's flavor, it is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and walked on.  Welcome to the road!  We are now being walked on and we don't like it.  Our only hope is to get serious about makiing 2 Chronicles 7:14 reality in our time.  However we must read the context.  God's promise of forgiveness and re…

Divine Frustration

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