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America's New Reality

The new reality inAmerica is that the country has embraced killing babies, homosexual marriage and paying people not to work.  Those who stand for Biblical principles are now aliens in their own country.  So what do we do now?
We pray for our governmental leaders as the Bible tells us.We seek the spirit of Joseph and Daniel, who, in a hostile environment stood firm in their faith while not denigrating those who ruled over them.We trust God to see us THROUGH the storm.We recognize our failure to fulfill the Great Commission, repent and re-double our efforts to expand God's kingdom here on earth.We realize that the answer to all of the ills of earth is not politics, but is and always has been allegiance to Almighty God.We now have the awesome assignment of living for Jesus in the same sort of environment that the first century disciples did.  We must realize that we have the same Word of God to guide us, the same Holy Spirit to empower us and the same guarantee that we may well suffe…