Man's Way vs God's Way

As I watch on C-span the Glen Beck rally in Washington D.C. I'm struck with the contradiction between man's approach to change and the plan that God gave us in the Bible to bring about lasting change. While man opts for "events" such as this rally, God's emphasis is on the individual; each one reaching and discipling one (Matt. 28:18-20) The result of disciple-making is that each disciple is then empowered to make disciples, and a movement is set in motion, not just an event. Jesus set the example for us in that He spent the majority of His time discipling and equipping a small group of men. Although He did, on occasion, speak to multitudes, the bulk of His time was invested in His disciples.
If the money and man power that went into this rally were expended through disciple-making churches to train, equip and send out disciples of Jesus through our nation, lasting change would result. Once this rally is over, it is over. However, a disciple-making movement will continue to expand across space and time until the whole world is changed.
Please understand, I'm not against the rally I'm watching. I'm pleased that God is being honored by most of those featured in the rally. I'm just saying that we (Christians) have spent thousands of years trying to improve on the un-improvable; the GREAT COMMISSION. For our country to become GREAT, the individuals who make up the country must become GREAT, and that only happens as Christ is LORD in each individual heart. That only happens as we "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded YOU." Only then are we promised the presence of Christ with us to the end of the age.
We are so caught up in the "newest, biggest, most creative" approaches that we overlook the only approach that is promised the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
America, we must also pay attention to the places on our planet where the Spirit of God is moving mightily. Most of these places are what we call, "third world" countries. Most of them have endured untold horrors, and yet have persevered through the strength of God. We have forgotten not only the GREAT COMMISSION, but also the suffering that disciples through the ages have endured so that we might have freedom. Fulfilling the GREAT COMMISSION will not be without suffering, but it is the ONLY WAY that America will be restored.


Matt Church said…
I am right there with you. While I do believe we as Christians should use new and compelling ways to reach others for Christ. If we are doing it just for the reason of being the hippest or the coolest we will fall flat on our faces. I read a statement from the rally where Glen Beck stated something along the lines of its time to take our country back for God or turn back to God. I agree but I couldn't help but be saddened by the fact that he is morman and as a result he is lost. A lot of people throw around the name god but I am convinced the they don't mean God if you understand what I mean.
Rich Bradford said…
I am with you on your posts regarding Glenn Beck. Every now and then I would receive an e-mail from a Christian brother or sister talking about following Glenn Beck. I am sure he has good intentions. Unfortunately, he worships the wrong Jesus. Thank you for your posts.
MysteryMan said…
I'm not too concerned about Glenn Beck's stand on Christianity as I am for the preachers who purport to be in the service of Christ, yet have salt with no flavor.

Our people retreat from the enemy but they have no refuge because the churches have failed them. The most basic aspect of Christianity is salvation, yet the churches cannot determine how a man can be saved.

One preacher says he must keep the law. One says he must keep only part of the law. One says he need not keep the law - that salvation is by grace. One says he must have been chosen by God and all others are to be hated by God, who has divine authority to choose whom He will love or not. One says the man must be water baptized. Another says he should be baptized as a public display. Another says he should not. One preacher says salvation is not necessary at all; that God loves everyone.

In all this rhetoric spewn forth by the holy men who have taken it upon themselves to lead their fellows into a righteous standing with God, there is no unity. To this, they say, a man can choose any of the religions he wishes to follow and it will be okay because God looks upon the heart.

That is not what my bible says. The preachers today are preaching a false gospel that will save no man. Just as the foreign enemies have infiltrated our country, the foreign enemy has infiltrated the church, divided it into parts and rendered it impotent.

Glenn Beck isn't much of an issue in the face of the destruction of mankind by the very folks who claim to be our pastors for Christ.

Johnny (MysteryMan)

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