Why Obama Will Not End the War

The primary reason for Obama's low popularity numbers is the current economy and loss of jobs. That reason alone is enough to determine whether or not he moves aggressively to end the US involvement in Afghanistan. It has far less to do with Al Quaida than with the economy. To bring home thousands of troops and thrust them into the failing job market will only exacerbate the problems. Add to that the expense of dealing with the medical and psychological issues that will emanate from the readjustment of those who have been on the front lines for so long, and the die is cast.
The old adage, "promises are made to keep" does not apply in the political arena. A better rendering of it would be "promises are made to change with the political climate". As much as we Americans would like to think that our ongoing involvement in the war is altruistic, the truth of the matter is that it is politically expedient. While I firmly believe that we entered the fray with the best of motives, and our fighting men and women are there because they believe strongly in what they are doing, there is too much evidence that politics have taken over. Just as with Desert Storm, which ended before complete victory was achieved, this war could be ended quickly if we allowed our military personnel to run it.
I don't usually get into political issues on this blog, but I woke up thinking about this today and decided to put my thoughts in this update.


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