Who's Excited About the Jesus Bowl?

I'm writing this on the day of the 2014 BCS Championship game.  My team, the Auburn Tigers, will be playing the Florida State Seminoles.  Ordinarily I'm also a Seminole fan, however, having been a student at AU at the beginning of my college career, the Tigers trump the Seminoles.
That being said, the real reason for this post is to look at the fanaticism that is not only accepted, but praised on the part of the football fan as compared to the criticism that is leveled at a Christ follower who shows any semblence of fanaticism for Jesus.

Some comparisons are helpful;

  • The football fan is thought loyal when they sport the colors and logo of their team while the Christian who wears tee shirts or jewelry with Christian themes is often criticized.
  • The football fan who braves the elements to support their team is praised for their commitment while many Christians will miss the "assembling of yourselves together" (Heb. 10:25) if there is a little rain.
  • The football fan who will talk to anyone anywhere about the quality, character and expertise of their team is thought to be committed to their team while the Christian who dares speak about Christ is considered to be a religious nut.
  • The football fan will pay astronomical prices to attend bowl games while the Christian is often offended if the pastor mentions titheing.
Will we ever see that day when Christians are as rabid about Jesus as football fans are about their team?  I think not unless and until the Holy Spirit sweeps over our land and changes hearts.  We must realize that our favorite coach or player did not die for our sins.  They cannot offer us eternal life in heaven.  Isn't it time we looked at the object of our worship and decide to "follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back".


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