Why Go to Church? - Craig Blomberg

Why Go to Church? - Craig Blomberg:

Recently I wrote a blog post on the importance of church attendance.  This post by Craig Blomberg goes even deeper than I did.
Just this past Sunday we experienced our low attendance for the year in our little church.  Only 13 people gathered for the evening service. (Yes, we still have one)  Some of the "reasons" (excuses) that good people give for not attending would come off as very lame when they stand before God and give an answer as to why they only attended when "convenient".

I predict that unless the LORD comes back soon believers in America will not enjoy the freedom to worship that we have had in the past.  We will begin to experience what our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, parts of Africa, China and North Korea have been experiencing for years.  Our "take it or leave it" attitude toward church attendance is in direct violation of scripture, as Blomberg points out in his article.  Violating scriptural commands is sin.


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