What I'm Looking for in a President

I don't generally comment on political issues, however, with the plethora of potential candidates this year I want to share what i'm looking for in a president. First I want a person of character. By that I mean someone who has some guiding principles by which they live and do not waver with every wind that blows. I also want a person who is at least a little Biblically literate. This is someone who regularly reads and has a grasp on the message of scripture. I want a person who has a relationship with God through Jesus. Such a person has the benefit of the Holy Spirit's guidance and power. I want a person who honors the biblical teaching regarding marriage. I want a person who knows that life begins at conception and abhors killing babies in the womb. I want a person who knows and adheres to the constitution. I want a person who recognizes the balance of power that originally led us to become a great nation and doesn't the presidency to be a license to do as they please. I'm sure that there are other important characteristics that I have overlooked, but these sum up what I'm looking for in a president. My prayer is that you will take some time to prayerfully consider who you will support in the coming election.


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