All In Good Time

If you are like me, you have a tendancy to want things done yesterday. We have become such a "microwave society" that we can't wait for the oven to heat up. The problem with that is there are some things that will always take time to come to fruition; a flower blooming, a child growing up, the acquiring of an education, etc. Also, there are those things which only come with experience. Now that I'm four score and ten, I'm realizing that there is a wisdom that comes from living a long time and having many experiences. In a conversation just today someone commented, "You sure do know alot." to which I replied, "I've just lived a long time."
We all are given 168 hours each week and 60 minutes each hour. There is no such thing as "not having enough time". We have all the time we need. The trick is, learning to invest it wisely so that we get a return on our investment. We can spend time, we can waste it, we can make the most of it, but we can't save it. It must be used. Paul encourages us in Ephesians 4 to "make the most of the time (or opportunity for doing good) because the days are evil."
So I ask you, how are you investing your time today? Are you investing in the lives of family members or friends, or the down-trodden, or the overlooked? Or are you frittering your time away in front of a TV or computer screen? When you have breathed your last breath, you will not have any time left in your bank. What you will have is a treasure laid up in heaven that comes from the days, hours and minutes you have invested in the lives of others. Think about that.


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