The Purpose of the Church

It seems to me from scripture that the primary purpose of the church is to represent Christ to the world.  The unfortunate reality is that many, if not most, church members think that the church exists to cater to them.  They expect the church to entertain, comfort, inspire and pamper them simply because they are "members".  If the opening statement of this blog is true, how does that play out in reality?  Here are some random thoughts.

  • The church should serve as a "service station" to members equipping them for ministry to and in the world in which they live.
  • The church should demonstrate to the world how to live in community with one another.
  • The church should do for those outside the church what Christ did for the multitudes when He was here on earth.
  • The church should provide nurture and care for new believers, helping them discover and develop their gifts that enable them to function as Christ's ambassadors to the world.
  • The church should be a platform for corporate worship that includes far more than just musical entertainment.
  • The church should promote synergy so that the end result of corporate efforts at ministry far exceed that of individuals functioning separately.

The church in the west (United States) must take some cues from the oppressed church in third world countries if we are to return to the purpose for which we were established by Jesus.  What do you think?


shane said…
right on Bill!

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