Seizing the Moment

Since June of this year I have been involved in three funerals and will be doing another this coming week.  Thankfully, each of the deceased were strong Christians and had lived their faith in such a way that comforting the believing family and friends was easy.  At each funeral I do, I always present the gospel, believing that this is a vulnerable moment for any un-believers in the audience.  There are certain times when people are more open to the gospel than others, and I believe that we should discern those times and boldly seize the moment to present the good news.

Just last week when I did this, two people, including a relative of the deceased, gave their lives to Christ.  We did not have an “altar call” as such, but after I had prayed a prayer of repentance and faith and invited any one to make that prayer their own, I asked that those who did pray that prayer please open their eyes and make eye contact with me.  This in no way took away from the service.  Having identified those responding, I was able then to make arrangements for follow-up.

My on-going prayer to the Father is for discernment so that I will know when and where He is working, and be ready and able to join Him.  As Erwin McManus states in Chasing Daylight, “Every moment counts, and we must engage them with fierceness and zeal.”

The next time you are around those who are vulnerable to the gospel because of the circumstance they are in, please seize the moment to share the life-changing news of Jesus.



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