Glen Beck and the Evangelicals

I find it very interesting that many evangelicals are ga-ga over Glen Beck since his rally in D.C. on the anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. I watched and listened on C-span to Beck's call for a return to God, and to Biblical principles. While this is admirable, I'm troubled by some things I did not hear.
  • I did not hear that Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.
  • I did not hear Glen Beck give testimony to a conversion experience where he acknowledged his sin which separated him from God, received Christ as His personal Lord and Savior and experienced forgiveness.
While I understand that this was not a church service, it did have all the "trappings" of one; choirs, gospel songs, prayers, etc. Since the rally I've noticed that Beck has stepped up his ecumenical push by having Jewish rabbis, Catholic priests, and evangelical pastors on his program and gushing about another "Great Awakening" in America. Yet, so far as I know, he has not renounced his Mormonism which does not acknowledge Jesus as "the only begotten Son" of God, believes that blood atonement means the shedding of one's own blood for redemption and espouses the idea that "as we are God once was. As God is we shall become".

We evangelicals have to evaluate a person by their fruit. It is too early to evaluate the fruit of the "new" Glen Beck. As one old pastor explained, "It ain't how high you jump, it is how straight you walk." Let's watch the "walk" before we jump on the band-wagon. Political conservatism and evangelical zeal are not one and the same. Perhaps a re-reading of Matthew 7:21-23 is in order.


Matt Church said…
Whooot whooot that is what we need to be focusing on!!! I am excited to hear (read) your thoughts on this and the Biblical direction that is being given here. More pastors need to be talking about this.

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