Armadillo Hunting

A while back as we were sitting watching TV one evening, we heard a thumping sound seeming to come from under the floor. My wife wondered if we had an armadillo under the house. Several days later she mentioned it to our pest control people and they checked and said, yes, there does seem to be indications that you could have an armadillo. Now these creatures have been known to eat the insulation around the a/c ducts that are under our manufactured home, resulting in hundreds of dollars for repairs. Thus began the armadillo hunt.
The Bugs Bee Ware people put out 2 traps near where they thought the creature went in and out from under the house. Two days later there was a creature in one of the opossum, not and armadillo. A call to the pest control people was made, they came and picked up the creature and set a new trap with some bait this time. Today when we awoke, there was another creature in one of the traps; a raccoon. We called the pest control folks again. Since we both had to leave for appointments, we were not here when the Bugs Bee Ware man came this time, but now the traps...and the occupant, are gone.
So far we are out @ $150.00 for setting the traps and euthanizing the the creatures. To get river rock put in the area around the house where such creatures can dig under the house will cost another $250. Don't know but what it would have been cheaper to let them feast on the a/c insulation. Oh, and we still haven't caught an armadillo.


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