Torn Between Two Lovers

The older I get the harder it is for me to abandon the known (comfortable, stable, friendly) for something that is new to me, even though it is perceived by most to be the better option. Case in point, I'm now on my third Blackberry phone. I have the BB Bold 9700. I've downloaded several aps so that now I can do my daily Bible reading and prayer time, listen to sermons, music and even novels, and read books w/the Kindle reader ap on my phone. I keep hearing and reading people talk about how the Apple I Phone has changed their lives and opened up so many opportunities. I go through periods of thinking, "Yes! That's what I want!", but then I start to think about having to part with the things I've become so used to and learn how to do it all the "Apple-way", and my enthusiasm wanes. The same goes for which brand of tablet I will eventually opt for. It seems the BB Playbook still has a ways to go to catch up with the I Pad 2 (with 3 on the horizon). Yet, I think that if I were to go for the I Pad, I'd also need the I Phone to have the complete package. Then I read where Michael Hyatt, former President and CEO of a major publishing company, has jettisoned his I Pad for the MacBook Air because it enables him to do more. Sigh! Why can't there just be one choice?
It seems that my problem doesn't stop with technology. The trauma of moving from known to unknown leaks into my vocational life as well. It seems that I occasionally grow weary of what I'm currently doing and look with longing toward other opportunities out there (wherever "out there" is) And yet, there is the pull to stay with what I'm doing because I know what to expect and am comfortable with the routine.
All of this makes me so glad that I became a Christ-follower as a child. I think that older teens and adults have a much more difficult time leaving whatever life-style they have become accustomed to and embracing a brand new life, following Jesus. For the past 2+ years I've worked with congregations that are largely older in their constituency. After spending 37 years in student ministry, and seeing numerous young people embrace Christ, I now rarely see these adults breaking ties with their old life-style in order to trust Jesus and follow Him. I'm constantly looking for ways to present the Good News in a fashion that will "click" with these older folks and help them make the choice that I know is better for them. I know that apart from the Holy Spirit, that is an impossible task. The hold of what one is accustomed to is so very strong.
Who knows? I may soon become a "convert" to the Apple life-style. And I hope that I will become far more adept at helping older adults leave the old life and thrust out in faith to follow Jesus into the great possibilities of life eternal with Him.


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