Everyone But Me

Today as I was exiting Walmart, I stood for several minutes while about 20 people entered the exit door. They all looked at me as if I was the one in the wrong place. Sounds like a trivial thing, but it is really indicative of a far more serious problem. The problem? "Rules apply to everyone else but me." My wife is a substitute teacher in high school. She sees this attitude everyday. I see it as I drive back and forth to work. Traffic laws only apply to the old and the weak in the minds of many drivers. Why should they exert the energy to push a lever and activate a turn signal when they change lanes? Why should they slow down when the speed limit is clearly marked?
The same attitude is displayed by many when it comes to spiritual things as well. They treat the Ten Commandments as if they were Ten Suggestions. They really believe that God is going to make an exception in their case and allow them into heaven even though they have flaunted His law and never bothered to receive Christ or live according to His Word. There is no sense of "lostness" hence no need for repentance. Vance Havener once said, "You have to get them lost before you can get them saved."
In our country we are now seeing an attitude that we can violate the laws of business and finance and not have to suffer the consequences. There is a prevailing trend of thought that says we can flaunt the laws of God regarding sexuality and marriage without the result that brought Sodom, Gomorrah and even the Roman Empire down. Words are even being re-defined to fit the "me" culture. Gay was once a great word describing a sense of happiness. Now it describes a homo-sexual life style. Tolerance was once a word that was defined as allowing others to live, act or speak as they please. Now it has been re-defined to mean, you must not only ALLOW me to do "my thing", but you must applaud me for it. I find it very interesting that the only people that it is "politically correct" to be intolerant toward, are evangelical Christians.
It might be good for the "my way" crowd to read Matthew 7:21-23. But then, they don't believe that Jesus is REALLY the Son of God, or even if He is, He really didn't mean what he said and He could not possibly be the only way to God. (sarcasm implied)
There will come a day when those choosing to enter the "exit" door will discover that there really are consequences for the choices they make.


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