Good, Better, Best

You've heard it over and over.  The enemy of the best is not the worst, it is the good and the better.  I find that to be so true in churches today.  We settle for the good and the better (projects to feed the hungry, provide for the poor, help the needy) while we let the best (making disciples of all nations) go begging.  Please understand, I'm not against these projects.  I just have a problem when we are unable to get people to buy into the Great Commission on a personal level but volunteer by the droves for the "good and better" projects.
Perhaps the problem is that we have been making converts for many years without making disciples.  If I'm not a disciple, then I have no idea how to make one.  Maybe we should begin with a definition of "disciple".  Wikipedia defines the word as...
disciple is a follower and student of a mentor, teacher, or other wise figure.  

A Christian disciple is a follower and student of Jesus Christ as mentor, teacher, and wise figure. The Great Commission describes the process of making disciples as "teaching them to observe (do) all that I (Jesus) have commanded you (the disciple and disciple-maker)". We must do this when they are most teachable; immediately after they come to Christ.

Let's get back to "job one", the making of disciples.  We can then add on the "good and better" rather than settling for them in place of the BEST.


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