The Week That Was

This has been one of those weeks that tend to wear one down.  Beginning last Saturday evening.  After getting ready for bed early, we got a call that a church member had had a heart attack and was in ER at the local hospital.  Quickly we changed and charged out of the condo toward our car.  Before we got there, the owner of the unit below us rushed out to tell us that our shower was leaking into his unit. Explaining that we had no time to deal with this now, we left for the hospital, only to arrive too late.  The man had died.  We sat with his wife while the Dr. broke the news that the man she had been married to for 64 years was gone.  Just as we were getting ready to leave the hospital, the owner of the unit below us called to insist that we do something about the leak.  Once again I had to explain to him that we would not longer use the shower until we could get a plumber to check it out.
We assessed our shower situation later and determined that the leak was through a break in the tile on the back wall of the shower, and started patching that.  Later in the week, the president of the condo association showed up at the door telling me there was a problem.  I told that that I was working on it.  That didn't satisfy him. Further discussion revealed that he had entered our unit while we were away (without notification, and not in an emergency) and made his own assessment.  
I finally got a plumber in later in the week who, after checking everything out ($85) agreed that the problem was with the tile.  He suggested a tile man whom they used.  I called them, got an appointment, got an estimate and we are scheduled to have the work done next week.  HOWEVER, even though the shower has not been used, the tenant downstairs tells me he still is getting water through the wall.  Oh, my!
The coup de gras for the week was getting a message that a young man (52) who had been in our youth group many years ago had died as a result of a horrible industrial accident.  He was working alone in his shop, and by the time he was found, it was too late.  He leaves a wife and two daughters.  Oh, by the way, in the midst of this I also officiated at the funeral of the man from my church.  That in itself was not a problem, but the church tradition of feeding everyone who attends the funeral of a member was.  Although the by-laws had been changed to say that the meal was only for family members and out of town guests, there arose a furor over what should be done.  Turned out, it was a non-issue.  Much ado about nothing except to reveal that there are underlying animosities that must, at some point, be dealt with.
I'm getting too old for this.


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