For or Against?

It seems that every year at Christmas there is a plethora of topics that Christ followers line up against.  Whether it be greetings (Happy Holidays) stores (those that disallow the Salvation Army bell ringers) or articles in the media that disparage our coveted beliefs, it seems so easy for Believers to get in the "against" line.  I'd like to suggest that we take a different tack this year.  Why not be FOR the things you support and stop wasting your time being negative?  For example, I'm FOR "Have a blessed Christmas" (I like that better than "Merry Christmas" although that is O.K.)  I'm FOR Nativity scenes, choirs presenting music and dramas of the season, Christmas eve services, the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible, caroling from door to door in my community and so much more.  Because I'm for them, I invite my friends and acquaintances to join me.  I counter "Happy Holiday" greetings with "Have a blessed Christmas".  I write articles and blogs promoting the real reason for Christmas and refrain from wasting time bashing those who believe otherwise.
The bottom line is, I believe we can have a greater impact on our world when we promote positively the things we support/believe and forget about being negative toward those we don't agree with.  I remember a line from an old song that I think Bing Crosby sang; "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. In Between."


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