Spiritual Constipation

I told my congregation this past Sunday that I was going to blog on this subject, so...here goes!  After 50+ years in ministry, I have noticed that for many, if not most ardent church-goers there is a lot more input than out-flow.  The result?  Spiritual constipation.  People get so full of spiritual truth without allowing it to flow through them to others that they begin to lose their joy and actually be in spiritual pain.  For many years the annual revival served as a cathartic to cleanse their systems and get them back to a productive Christian life-style.  In recent years revivals have given way to conferences which only added to the problem...more input without outflow.
Here is what I perceive to be the solution.  Become a note-taker.  Instead of writing down just the points of the message, write down what the Spirit of God says to you through the message.  It may be something totally different from the message itself.  Then prayerfully determine what God wants you to do with the truth you've been exposed to in that particular service.  It may be that you need to make a phone call, write a letter, make a visit, seek or give forgiveness, forsake a sin, do some spiritual house-cleaning or whatever.  The important thing is that you do SOMETHING in response to what God has revealed to you.  

Think back over the message you heard this past Sunday.  Ask God to show you one thing He would have you to do in response to that message (or SS lesson).  Do it!  Then tell your teacher or pastor what you have done.  It will be a great encouragement to them, and you will find relief from spiritual constipation.


Kendra said…
This is great! I am trying to figure out how to share this with our pastor. Thanks so much for writing this! I love you! Kendra

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