David and Goliath; a Review

I was sent a copy of this book by B & B Media Group in exchange for my review.
I'm a fan of Malcolm Gladwell!  In his inimitable style, he has taken the Biblical epic battle between David, the shepherd boy and the giant Goliath and used it as a template for examining how  underdogs and misfits overcome in the battles of life.  In the process he challenges popular thought regarding so-called handicaps, be they physical, emotional or mental.  One brief passage from the book sums up the over all scope of his premise.
"If you take away the gift of reading, you create the gift of listening.  If you bomb a city, you leave behind death and destruction, but you create a community of remote misses.  If you take away a mother or father, you cause suffering and despair.  But one time in ten, out of that despair rises an indomitable force.  You see the giant and the shepherd in the Valley of Elah and your eye is drawn to the man with the sword and shield and the glittering armor.  But so much of what is beautiful and valuable in the world comes from the shepherd, who has more strength and purpose than we ever imagine."
Drawing from incidents of past and recent history, Gladwell opens the eyes of the reader to end results that stem from perceived weaknesses.  This book is a must read for parents, leaders, entreprenuers, and anyone who aspires to rise above the crowd.


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