Let Jesus Out of the Suitcase

Years ago I saw a ventriloquism act where the ventriloquist took his "dummy" out of a suitcase. During the act, the "dummy" got a little insulting, and the ventriloquist put it back in the suitcase. As he tried to close the top, the "dummy" kept talking, becoming more and more muffled, until the case was closed and the words were too muffled and muted to understand. That makes me think about the situation with Christians in our world today. If indeed Christ is in us we should let Him be Himself through us. Don't keep Jesus in the suitcase where all those around can only hear muffled sounds and not words of life. I remember talking with a young man on the beach in San Diego, CA. When we told him we were Christians and were out telling people how they could have a relationship with Jesus, he quickly told us that he was Jewish, hoping that we would move on. About that time his friend came back from the snack stand. The young Jewish man introduced us and said, "they are talking with people about Jesus." "Oh, cool" his friend said, "I'm a Christian." "You ARE?" the young Jewish man exclaimed. "I've known you for years and never knew that you were a Christian." How many of your friends know that you are a Christ-follower? Have you ever talked with them about how you became a follower of Jesus? Do you care enough ab out your friend (or family member) to speak to them about the greatest need in their lives? After all, you have the Holy Spirit to empower you for just such an occasion. Consider letting Jesus out of the suitcase. Let Jesus be Jesus in/thru you.


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