Every Day with Jesus...

Sunday night I preached a message from the Gospel of Mark, chapter 11 that I titled, "When Jesus Comes to Town Nothing is Ever the Same".  I'm a proponent of daily change because of Jesus.  He never did what anyone expected.  He always went beyond what people thought He would do.  I would venture to say that every one of the 1,279.5 days (give or take) that Jesus spent with His disciples was very different from anything the disciples expected.
Although I enjoy having a schedule (I study every Tuesday; visit hospitals & nursing homes on Wednesday, etc.) I find that the best times I have with Jesus are those spontaneous moments when He interrupts my schedule to teach me something I didn't even know I needed.  One of the unique characteristics of the Trinity is that each of them is limitlessly creative.  I think that when Holy Spirit indwells a believer, and they allow Him freedom, that believer will also be infinitely creative.

The next time you feel that you are in a rut, free the Holy Spirit up to prod you to creativity.  You don't have to generate anything, just let Him lead you.   Every day with Jesus is REALLY sweeter than the day before.


Bill Cole said…
New blog post...extending Sunday's message.

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