Zero Victim; a Review

I was sent this book by the B & B Media Group, Inc. for my honest review.
I'm not really a fan of self-help books, but this is an exception.  Author, Pastor, musician, entrepreneur James T. Ward, Jr. has done a masterful job of dealing with a pandemic problem.  Victimology is huge in America today.  Our society feeds it and feeds on it.  Ward has identified the primary causes and offered real solutions that anyone can understand and incorporate.  I love the "pull-outs" on every page that will help the reader or counselor pinpoint particular sections of the book that will apply to their situation or discussion.  In the introduction to the book Ward said, "In order to liberate others in life, we must begin by liberating ourselves."  From there he proceeds to guide the reader into practical ways to deal with "victim mentality" in their own lives.  He even addresses the role that "politically correct" speech plays in creating a victim mindset.

I plan to keep this book close at hand in my office and would recommend to any pastor, counselor or teacher to make this a part of their library.


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