Praying for America

I think that it is fairly obvious that our country is sick.  I propose that praying for a sick country is much the same as praying for a sick person.  First it is necessary to determine the type of illness in order to know how to pray effectively.  Basically there are three types of illness;
  • Sickness that leads to death (no need to pray because this is going to happen regardless)
  • Sickness that is the result of sin (James 5:16) [Requires the open repentance of our national leaders and of the Christian people of America]
  • Sickness for the glory of God. (God heals to bring Himself glory and show His mighty power)
Once we have determined the type illness that is plaguing our country we will know how to pray for her. Personally I believe that the type illness is that which is the result of sin.  That being said, we should personally repent on behalf of our country and also we should pray that the Holy Spirit convict all Christian politicians to confess and repent the sins of America.  Among these would be the sin of abortion (murder) sexual perversion and idolatry.  Also we should pray for the salvation of all unsaved politicians, local, state and national.
Can America be saved?  I believe the answer is "yes", but it will depend on our willingness to acknowledge our sins and repent and to plead with God for His mercy and grace.


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