Monday Musings

Several things on my mind today. One foremost thing is that whenever you are going to expose the enemy (Satan) expect some push back. Yesterday I preached from Ephesians 6 on spiritual warfare. Starting on Saturday night I was fatigued, achy and didn't rest well. That continued through the day Sunday and by the time we got home Sunday night I was convinced that I was coming down with something. Amazingly I slept well Sunday night and woke up this morning feeling fine. Some might think that I just had a 24 hour "bug", but I believe that the devil was exacting some revenge for my telling my people how to deal with him. The second thing on my mind today is that getting old is for the birds. My wife has decided that I should no longer put up the outside decorations for Christmas. She enlisted two young folks from our church to do the job. Admittedly they will probably do it better and faster than I would, but it somehow leaves me feeling a little bummed. Like many men I used to pride myself in doing such things, now the only part I have in it is opening the wallet and paying someone else for the job. I do stick my head out every once in a while to see how they are doing and to make suggestions. My final musing for the day is about Jesus willingly laying aside the splendor of heaven and all the "perks" of being God and coming to earth. He didn't even require a royal family for His earth parents or a 5 star hotel for His birth place. He came to common working folks and was born in a cattle stall without even a mid-wife in attendance. That's our King! He gave all in order that we might have the opportunity for salvation and eternal life. I can follow a king like that. I'm inspired to give Him my all and to imitate Him just like a big brother. O come! Let Us adore Him!


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