I've been working for over an hour to get my computer to do what I want.  Needless to say, I've become frustrated.  Come to think of it, there are many things which frustrate me these days. Harking back to the old Basic Youth Conflicts conferences with Bill Gothard, I know that my frustration arises from having a goal blocked.  The whole idea of goal setting can easily lead to frustration because not all goals are reachable.
The process of goal setting is often stressful for me.  Do I set goals based on what I want, no matter how outrageous they may be or do I set them practically, knowing up front that I can reach them?  I've finally settled on a plan that I think will help me.  Rather than setting goals and asking God to bless me as I pursue them, I now try to start with God, asking Him what goals I should set.  Many of my goals come straight from the pages of Scripture.  For example, I have a goal to become increasingly like Jesus.  That springs from Romans 8:29 where I find it is God's will that I be conformed to the image of Jesus. Another goal I have is to leave a legacy of disciples who are walking with God as they serve the kingdom. Of course that come directly from the Great Commission in Matt.28:19-20.
I've settled on a plan of goal setting that is based on how I sense God is leading me.  In setting a goal for # of baptisms, I first ask God what He wants to do through me to bring that goal to fulfillment. Once I have a sense of His direction and desire, I can confidently set and pursue a goal that initiated with God and was adopted by me. Although I still get frustrated, I have confidence that if the goal was born of God, there will be fulfillment one day.


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