Trip of a Lifetime

My wife and I have just returned from the trip of a lifetime courtesy of our firstborn and her husband.  In 10 days we were in 5 states and 5 National Parks.  We flew from Orlando, FL to Denver, CO and met up with Kendra and family.  After a short night in Denver, we boarded the California Zephyr, early in the morning and headed for GrandJunction, CO.  The train ride was super with reclining seats, great views of the countryside and dinner in the dining car.  In Grand Junction my son in law rented a van and we spent a couple of days touring Colorado National Monument and Canyonland.  How anyone could view the magnificent scenery and still doubt there is a God is beyond me.
Boarding the Zephyr again (this time in the evening) we traveled to Salt Lake City, UT, arriving about 1 a.m.  After sleeping a in a bit, we once again rented a van and headed out to view The Arches.  I quickly began to feel my age hiking in the altitude with the beginnings of a sinus infection.  After a couple of days in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, we pointed the van toward Jackson Hole, WY where I visited a walk-in clinic to start treating my sinus infection.  We toured the Grand Teton Park for a couple of days and then headed to West Yellowstone, MT and Yellowstone National Park.  We saw not only grand vistas, but some of the wildlife as well.  A couple of times we had to stop to let elk cross the road as well as some "up close and personal" encounters with bison.  Although I never saw it, my wife and daughter spotted a black bear alongside the road.  On our last night in West Yellowstone we went to a rodeo presented by a local rancher.  Lots of fun.
Leaving Yellowstone we traveled across WY and ID enroute back to Salt Lake City where both families had evening flights to our respective home states.  Jetblue provided "Z-packs" (sleep masks and earplugs) which I promptly used to get a couple of hours of sleep enroute.  Arriving at Orlando at 4:30 a.m., we waited for a shuttle to take us to our car and then drove home to Sebring, arriving @7 a.m. Whew! I'm tired again just writing about it.
Thanks, Rodney, Kendra and family for the trip of a lifetime.


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