America Needs a Bath!

I took the title of this blog post from in the information they put out about a "National Week of Repentance" scheduled for Oct. 30-Nov. 6.  You can find out more by going to their website at the link above.
I want to "springboard" from their title to talk about our personal and corporate need for repentance.  As I mentioned in a recent sermon, when Achan violated God's command about taking "loot" from the destruction of Jericho, God did not say, "Achan sinned." Rather He said "Israel sinned."  Just because we individually may have never had an abortion, God holds us as a nation responsible for the death of millions of unborn children.  Israel bore the consequences of Achan's sin.  Not only did Achan and his family pay the ultimate price of death, but 3,000 Israeli soldiers died unnecessarily because of his sin.  In the same way we, as a nation, will bear the consequences of the murder of millions of children who were denied the right to life. Not only that, but on our watch the Bible and prayer were removed from schools; God's definition of marriage and sexuality has been redefined and we have allowed it to become the law of the land.  We must be aware that the "law of the land" will never supercede the Law of God.
That being said, we must recognize the fact that the removal of the Bible and prayer from schools was preceded from the removal of the Bible and prayer from our individual homes and families.  In 1 Chronicles 7:14 God doesn't call the heathen to repent and call on Him rather He said "If MY PEOPLE who are CALLED BY MY NAME...." Until the people of God begin living in obedience to the Word of God there will never be revival in our nation.  Churches must forgo being entertainment centers and become places of prayer and the expounding of the Word of God.
Since I stole the title form RevivalMatters, let me steal a tag line from Steve Brown..."Now you think about this."


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